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 Streamlining Streaming (and Other Digital Delivery Options)

IRIS Education is a leading force within North America for providing technology and technology-related solutions to Kindergarten through twelfth grade education, vocational postsecondary training programs, Higher Education, and Educational Content Providers. Currently, IRIS Education serves 77,000 (K-12) public schools and over 800 colleges and universities in the United States from its data center at SCCtv (Seattle Colleges Cable Television) in Seattle, Washington.

IRIS Education - Streamlining Streaming 

In 2001, SCCtv built IRIS (Internet Resource Instructional System for Education). This advanced digital distribution system allows organizations to use IRIS as a Web portal to deliver high-quality video, graphic, and multimedia educational content over the Web. SCCtv serves as the streaming portal for the top five major telecourse producers in the U.S., the League for Innovation, and many Educational Content Producers. In addition to Web site services and custom digital delivery options, IRIS Education produces custom hybrid training courses using a custom course management system, Learning Core.

The Seattle Colleges Cable Television station delivers educational and community interest programming via cable to residents of Seattle on Comcast Channel 28, Wave Broadband Channel 19, and via streaming video on the Internet to the worldwide community. SCCtv became the operator of the City of Seattle's Public Access Channel, Seattle Community Media, currently available on Comcast Channel 77 and Wave Broadband Channel 23, in July, 2011. Besides television broadcast, SCCtv also produces original programs and series.

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